Vendor Portal Benefits

As a leading developer of comprehensive vendor management portal solutions for B2B transactions, we see, on a daily basis, the many benefits a vendor portal or supplier portal can bring a business. Below are some of the many Vendor Portal Benefits your company can take advantage of.

Scalable, adaptable, customized. Our vendor portal and supplier portal solutions will benefit you in many significant ways.

Benefits include:

  • Return on Investment.  The biggest benefit of a vendor management portal is the ROI. In most cases the return begins immediately as labor intensive tasks are transferred from in-house to the vendor.
  • Scalability.  An ICG vendor management solution can scale from small to large in terms of functionality as well as transactional activity.
  • Adaptability. Your vendor portal can adapt to both business growth and technological advances.
  • Cloud based.  ICG can host your vendor portal or supplier portal as a single tenant service, so your portal looks and acts the same as if it was on your servers.
  • ERP Independent.  An ICG vendor portal can integrate with your ERP system, but it is not ERP dependent. Your portal remains stable and operational through ERP upgrades or legacy system changes.
  • Focused on Your Needs.  We develop vendor portals that adapt to your business processes, not the other way around, so you can remain in control.
  • Increased Communication.  You can utilize the vendor portal to proactively communicate with all of your vendors and potential vendors.
  • Messaging. Use the powerful messaging capabilities to communicate in real time with your vendors.
  • Added Functionality made Affordable.  Our vendor portals are developed to allow you to take advantage of, and pay for, only that functionality that you need.  If future business conditions warrant, you can add different pieces of functionality to your portal when you want.
  • Complete Administration Control and Security.  ICG’s vendor portals and supplier portals come with robust, bulletproof security. You control who gets in and how much privilege they have, right down to the individual user level.
  • Better Service for Vendors. Answering vendor inquiries immediately and providing valuable information at the click of a mouse makes your vendors more efficient and stable.
  • Dynamic Discounting. For Vendor/Supplier/Payment portals, Dynamic Discounting can be a substantial profit and/or cash-flow center.

Contact ICG Consulting today to speak with a representative or schedule a free vendor portal / supplier portal demo. You can also watch a webinar on ICG’s vendor portal solutions on our YouTube channel by clicking here.