Cloud-Hosted Vendor Management Solutions

“Elastic” Cloud Computing

In today’s business world, we not only have to do it better, but we need to do it for less, in a different way and on short notice. Add to this the ever-changing technology landscape, and you realize that businesses needs a new, more elastic model.

Solutions as a Service

ICG’s SaaS are based on an “elastic” cloud computing delivery model that changes the game!

One of the most talked about trends in the technology world today is Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS. ICG’s SaaS model takes this trend to a new level by offering both the software and fully integrated business solutions delivered together as a hosted, cloud based service that is delivered in a single-tenant, highly configurable model, or Solutions as a Service. ICG is able to deliver a hosted, cloud based solution designed just for your company, to meet the needs of your unique business process without the need for you to adapt your process to the application.  Whether it is Vendor Portals, Supplier Portals, Dynamic DiscountingAP Automation, Vendor Onboarding, Supplier Onboarding, Vendor Management, Business Process Management, Workflow, or many other application areas, ICG’s model is designed to fit your specific business needs without application or data sharing in a highly secure environment.  Just as in a traditional SaaS model, ICG’s version is based on a “pay for what you use” system.  What is different it in ICG’s cloud hosted solution your pricing is fixed so there are no unexpected or variable costs.  That is because there are no limitations or fees based on number of users (internal or external) or number of transactions.  You know your costs up front, no surprises!  Whether it is a single focused solution like a Vendor Portal or Supplier Portal or a more comprehensive procure-to-pay solution, ICG’s “customizable” Solutions as a Service model can meet your needs.

Benefits of Solutions as a Service

ICG’s model offers:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Single tenant – We host your company specific functionality!  You do not share a vanilla, out of the box solution designed for the masses.
  • No limits of fees on number of users or transactions!
  • Scalability – scale up or down quickly, without impacting your organization’s IT or disrupting your business process.
  • Flexibility – No matter what tomorrow brings, you are ready to adapt.
  • Modular solutions that can grow from simple to complex.
  • Hosted, pay-as-you-go model. Allows companies to take advantage of world-class solutions without large capital outlays.
  • Ease of integrating – The cloud deployed solutions integrate seamlessly with existing internal systems and applications.

ICG Solution Delivery Models

At ICG Consulting, we offer a variety of cloud-hosted options to meet your business, IT and security needs. ICG will host and manage your specific solution in the cloud with ICG providing all of the infrastructure, support and upgrades.