Mobile Content Delivery

In today’s business, technology and social media climate, working 9-5 in the office is no longer the reality for many of us In our dynamic business environment, business is conducted anytime, anywhere using many different media and devices. To accommodate these demands, all of ICG’s solutions are optimized for Mobile Content Delivery.

Benefits of Data Delivered Any Time, Any Where

With business taking place 24/7 and around the globe, ICG puts real-time data and actionable business information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

ICG’s solutions transform many of your smart phones, tablets and mobile devices into a core component of your financial back office management tools. The benefits of real-time data and critical business information include:

  • Real-time data and critical business information can be received and processed at any time or place
  • Images and meta data can be reviewed instantly
  • Participation in electronic work flows can take place at any time
  • Payment requests can be made and approved 24/7
  • Up-to-date metrics via mobile dashboards and reports can be displayed on demand
  • High level of interactivity is available including drop down menus, decision boxes, two-way information sharing, robust data entry capabilities and much more
  • Latest tools and functionality is applied to keep your sensitive data safe and secure
  • Dynamic images can be sent and displayed on your mobile device
  • Connect to vendor portal and supplier portal applications including vendor self-service and vendor onboarding
  • Participate in accounts payable (AP) automation workflows and make decisions on the go!

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