It’s Budget Season!

It is that time of year again when companies are taking a look at budgets for the upcoming year.  As that process evolves the opportunity arises to try and capture a piece of the pie to help your department or area of responsibility to move forward. 

Time to take a fresh look at your financial back-office and see where you can add value.  Whether it is Accounts Payable (AP), Vendor Services, Procurement, Purchasing, Finance , Accounts Receivable (AR) or many other areas in the Supply Chain, there are opportunities to streamline processes, fill in the gaps from your ERP and legacy systems, and look at new technology based solutions that can add that value. 

So what technologies or processes can ICG help you with?  AP Automation, Data and Document Capture, Vendor Portals. Supplier Portals, Vendor Onboarding, Vendor Management and many other related solutions.  ICG delivers these efficiency enhancing, cost savings solutions in a cloud based, single tenant delivery model that does NOT place any fees or limits on number of users (internal or external) or amount of transactions.  You pay for the functionality to use.  And the best part is these world-class financial back-office solutions are modular and configurable to your business processes.  As you grow and your needs evolve the system can scale along with you and keep delivering additional value to your department and your company.

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