ICG Introduces New Licensing & Pricing Model

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about ICG's exciting new pricing and license model.  First, all of our pricing will still be based on a "fixed fee" model where what we quote is what you pay... period!  What has changed is we have evolved our pricing model from module based pricing to function based pricing. We have also changed our licensing model from a traditional software license to a Use License model.  What this means to our customers are more cost effective solutions that address only those specific needs they are looking to resolve in a less risky "pay-as-you-go" model.

These changes come as a result of the changing needs of the market and demand from our customers who are faced with a rapidly changing technology landscape.  Users are looking for targeted functionality that fills specific gaps between what they need and what their companies legacy enterprise systems can do.  ICG's function based pricing allows companies to obtain the functionality they need without costly customizations or major new investments.  And with this new model, users can select very specific functionality from ICG's solutions without having to purchase an entire module.  The Use License model also gives you the flexibility to pay as you go (software and maintenance) and reduces your risk of technological obsolescence.  You do not have to pay for a software license up front, you pay for what you use as you go.  What hasn't changed is that all of ICG's solutions are available as single tennant, Cloud based services or on-premise solutions. Learn more about ICG's solutions or contact us to arrange for a call and demonstration to see how ICG can help you.