How do you Measure Success?

How do you Measure Success?….

I used to really dislike that question, mostly because I could never find a right answer for it.

During my spring semester I took a supply chain class taught by a instructor which happened to be an excellent speaker. He not only made every subject very easy and clear to understand, but he made them interesting. Towards the end of the semester we got into the topics of business processes, consulting, and performance metrics. I know what you’re thinking, how fun right?! Not. Even though those lectures were not on my top 5 most interesting list, I do see them as some of most imperative and easily applicable topics. Yes, we learned about the different types of flow charts, benchmarking, and quality management tools. However, what I found to be the key to those lectures was understanding that every individual/company is unique, therefore no business process will be the same, neither will the answer to “how do you measure success” be. 

The best part about those lectures is that I’m fortunate enough to get real life experience of what I had just learned. Working at ICG, I see that every company we work with has their own way of doing business. I understand now how significant it is that we address companies unique business processes within their supply chains and we deliver solutions that streamline the processing of supply chain payments and vendor activities.

Working hard doesn’t define success; working efficiently does… that is the benchmark that really matters.