ERP & System Integration

ICG is a technology independent company. What this means is that ICG takes an independent, agnostic approach when it comes to the back-end financial and related ERP or line of business systems that our customers use. ICG’s solutions are designed to work with any system will minimal or no customization required.

Unfortunately, most solution providers focus on one platform (i.e. SAP, Oracle, Infinium, etc.) and design all of their offerings around that platform. ICG takes the opposite approach. ICG’s solutions are designed specifically to work with and integrate to virtually all systems and applications.

Upgrade your applications without changing your current ERP platform.

ICG’s solutions can integrate with and upgrade functionality on virtually all systems:

  • ERP, Accounting & Financial
  • Inventory & Materials Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Data & Document Storage
  • Case & Contract Management
  • Data & Document Capture & OCR
  • Procurement
  • Etc.

Our process did not develop in a vacuum. Rather, it is the result of our customer’s painful experiences of switching or upgrading these systems and then having to start all over learning new technologies and solutions that address the same issues.

ICG Consulting integrates with our clients systems using three primary methodologies:

Direct Integration to target system(s). Push/pull data to/from target system(s). Real time data presented.

Data Store/Data Warehouse Push/pull data from to/from data store/warehouse. Near real time data presented.

File Feed Pull formatted file from designated location. Push data back for upload into target system(s). Near real time or longer term data presented depending on frequency of file feed from target systems.

ICG builds its solutions to be able to adapt to changing technologies, whatever they may be. The only thing that needs to change when ICG’s clients switch or upgrade technologies is the interface between ICG solutions and these new systems.  The result is users continue to perform the same functions without the need for additional training or scrapping tried and true applications that are providing real value.

So whether you are looking to implement AP AutomationVendor Portal, Supplier Portal, Vendor Onboarding & Maintenance, Supplier Onboarding, Data Capture, a Workflow based system, other financial transactional systems, ICG can provide a solution that will keep adding value as your organizations technology evolves.

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