Delivery Models

Choose ICG’s Cloud Hosted options for your solutions

At ICG, we offer a several cloud hosted options for your Vendor Management, Vendor Portal, Supplier Portal, AP Automation, or any of our other award winning solutions.  ICG’s Vendor ManagementVendor On-boarding, Transactional Vendor Portal, AP Automation and Workflow solutions are delivered in a cloud-hosted model:

  • Cloud Hosting: ICG employs a Single-tenant model. ICG will host and manage your specific solution in the cloud with ICG providing infrastructure, support and upgrades.  No application sharing, you own and have complete 24×7 access to your data and documents!

ICG has designed a highly flexible hosting solution that goes beyond the traditional software hosting models. ICG’s single-tenant model offers our clients the ability to configure a solution to meet their business, IT, and look and feel requirements in a private cloud type of model. Our clients can have the benefits of a fully customizable portal that looks like an on-premise application without the need for all of the cost and overhead associated with on-premise solutions.

This new cloud hosted models offer the cost benefits of SaaS while allowing you to configure the solution to your needs. No sharing of applications, data, or documents. You can take advantage of complex, process driven solutions without all of the IT overhead and internal systems to manage or often prohibitive processes and time needed to implement systems on-premise.

Let ICG help you save costs without sacrificing data security. Contact us today and a member from our team will answer your questions and explore which hosting option will work best for your business.