Delivery Models

Choose between Cloud Hosted & On-Premise Solutions

At ICG, we offer a several delivery options for your Vendor Management,  Vendor Portal, AP Automation, or any of our award winning solutions.  ICG’s Vendor ManagementVendor On-boarding, Transactional Vendor Portal, AP Automation and Workflow solutions can be delivered in any of the following models:

  • Cloud Hosting: Single-tenant model. ICG will host and manage your specific solution in the cloud with ICG providing infrastructure, support and upgrades.  No application sharing, you own and have complete 24x7 access to your data!
  • On-Premise: Traditional project-based model where ICG supported solutions reside on client maintained servers and infrastructure behind the firewall.
  • Custom or Hybrid Solution: Our customers challenge us to be creative in delivering solutions that meet their very unique needs. Bring us your challenges and we can create a delivery model that works best for you. Consider a hybrid hosting solutions that utilizes both self-maintained cloud servers and on-premise servers.

Rather than require our clients to choose between a cloud-based or on-premises delivery model, we have designed a new hosting solution that goes beyond the traditional software hosting models.  The newest delivery model offered by ICG, based on client input and popular demand, is “On-Premises + Hosted by ICG.” :

  • On-Premises + Hosted by ICG (Private Cloud): ICG provides added security while simultaneously decreasing your overhead for IT resources. In this model, our solution as well as all necessary system integrations will be housed on-premises behind your firewall. However, the key difference for the “On-Premise + Hosted” delivery model is that ICG will not only maintain its solution, but will maintain all the necessary connections, databases and other non-hardware infrastructure associated with the solutions as well as provide software support and updates as needed.

This new hybrid model offers the cost benefits of the hosted model while also allowing you to house the solution and system integration behind your firewall. This new model allows all sensitive data to be securely housed onsite while minimizing your IT costs.

Let ICG help you save costs without sacrificing data security. Contact us today and a member from our team will answer your questions and explore which model will work best for your business.