Don’t Sacrifice Functionality to be in the Cloud

To take advantage of all the benefits of hosting an application in the cloud, you do not have to compromise functionality or configurability. Most business applications in the cloud today are offered as Software as a Service, or SaaS as it is commonly referred to. For many applications SaaS is a perfect delivery model for […]

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Back Office Word of the Week 4/22/19

Invoice Matching Invoice matching is the comparing and linking of a supplier invoice with the underlying data on which the cost is based, such as a contract or purchase order. Matching invoices manually is time-consuming, especially on a line level where each invoice row need to be connected, sometimes to multiple purchase orders. Automating your AP […]

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Back Office Word of the Week 4/15/19

PO Flip A PO Flip, is essentially a conversion of a purchase order into an invoice. Usually done electronically or through an automated solution such as a Vendor Portal.

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Back-Office Word of the Week

VENDOR SELF SERVICE Vendor Self Service is a benefit of Vendor Portals and Supplier Portals. Vendor Self-Service Portals allow a vendor to provide and access information without intervention from the buyer. This data may be necessary for on-boarding, compliance or payment. Click here to learn more!

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Data Capture Solution Revolution

Data capture solutions have been around for a long time and continue to be used extensively in many different industries. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an example of a capture technology where data from scanned and digitized paper documents is captured for use by information management systems. OCR is widely used with positive results in […]

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Something Old, Something New

What many users are unaware of is that there are many money saving, process improving solutions available such as vendor portals, supplier portals, business process management, advanced workflows, vendor onboarding, accounts payable automation, and a variety of other technologies available in cloud hosted configurations.

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Top 4 Pain Points of Vendor/Supplier Management

Vendor and Supplier Management has become increasingly complex. Technological systems and solutions can increase efficiency and reduce some of the “pain” companies experience when trying to manage their hundreds or thousands of mission critical vendors. Check out ICG’s Vendor Management Tools. COMPLIANCE The complexity of vendor/supplier relationships increases as the vendor/supplier base grows in size. […]

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It’s Budget Season!

Time to take a fresh look at your financial back-office and see where you can add value.

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AP Automation in the Cloud

Today as cloud based applications are becoming more ubiquitous, AP automation, including many of the sophisticated technologies that were out of reach in the past, has become more affordable and available to many more companies.

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Vendor Diversity Tracking & Compliance

More and more companies are tracking their companies “diverse” vendor population and reporting on purchase percentages and total spend dollars of these diverse vendors.  For starters, it is important that we define what we mean by diversity or diverse vendors.  Diverse vendors are a designation that is given to companies where a majority of its […]

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