When In Doubt, Go Full Out!

As a software business analyst, it’s a fun job to work along side software developers and test the client applications they develop.
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Is Investing in Legacy Systems Smart?

Okay, that title does come off as a bit pretentious but it really does bring up an area that companies should be thinking about.
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"Hosted+On-Premises" Delivery Model

ICG Consulting is excited to release a new and improved ‘hybrid’ hosting solution for our vendor management and AP Automation solutions.
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ICG Consulting Celebrates 25 Years!

Wow, how time flies by. ICG Consulting recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary (or birthday depending how you look at it) on March 13, 2015.
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Vendor Portals Deliver Added Value

Vendor Portals, or Supplier Portals as some refer to them, have been around for some time but are rapidly becoming a must have technology for vendor management.
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