Expertise in Food Industry

Financial back offices in the food and related industries are full of complexities due to their dynamic nature – pricing, costs, allowances, rebates, deductions and other information that needs to be up-to-date and accurate. With over 20 years of experience helping companies like US Foods, Ecolab, Dot Foods, Kraft, MGM Resorts and Love’s Travel Stops […]

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2017 Procure-to-Pay Trends

2016 has been a busy and transformative year in the Procure-to-Pay space.  Consolidation is starting to take shape in an otherwise fractured market.  Larger companies are starting to shift behavior from buying point based, best of breed solutions to more ubiquitous end-to-end enterprise solutions.  Much like we saw with the ERP market when it went […]

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Budget Season is Coming Up!

It is moving into late summer and soon fall and the budget season will be upon us.  This is a great time to take stock of how efficiently and effectively you are managing your vendors and their transactions and activities.  Traditionally vendor management has been one of those areas that got little attention and as […]

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Procurement Meets Finance

For many organizations obtaining and sharing critical supplier information between different functional areas can be a frustrating task.  Siloed organizational structures, disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other and differing business objective are factors that contribute to this situation.  In fact, other functional areas that have some stake in supplier relations such as IT, […]

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Recently converted to SAP?

Converting from one accounting package to another often brings with it a change in the structure of the Chart of Accounts.  This typically incurs a big operational and financial impact on any organization.  When the future state accounting package is SAP, that level of change is even more significant.  One of the steepest learning curves […]

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How do you Measure Success?

How do you Measure Success?…. I used to really dislike that question, mostly because I could never find a right answer for it. During my spring semester I took a supply chain class taught by a instructor which happened to be an excellent speaker. He not only made every subject very easy and clear to understand, […]

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It’s All About Vendor Self-Service

Vendor self-service is hardly a new concept, it has been discussed and gained some traction with actual applications and solutions available in the market place.  But why hasn’t full scale, full featured procure-to-pay vendor self-service taken off?  There are two main trends we can see that have kept adoption levels down: lack of comprehensive, portal […]

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National Read A Road Map Day

NATIONAL READ A ROAD MAP DAY Today is a day to stop,  take a look, and analyze a road map.  It is a day to ask yourself questions about where you are and where you are going.  Where do the wondrous roads lead?  Who could I take on this journey with me?  What new and […]

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Filling the Functionality Gaps

Large enterprise solutions like those offered by ERP platforms or the many largely cloud based solution providers can offer broad based solutions to companies that address many of their general business functions such as HR, AP, Procurement, etc.  What companies are finding however, is these systems leave behind gaps of functionality that may seem small […]

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Taking on Vendor Management

Vendor management is a very broad catagory that takes on different definitions depending on what your job entails.  To the procurement professional it may include such functions as vendor on-boarding, creating vendor profiles, tracking and enforcing diversity and ongoing vendor administration.  To the purchasing department managing RFx’S and PO’s may be at the top of […]

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