Expertise in Financial Back-office for Food Industry

Financial back offices in the food manufacturing, food distribution, food service and related industries are full of complexities due to their dynamic nature – pricing, costs, allowances, rebates, deductions and other information that needs to be up-to-date and accurate.  Some of this information can literally change hour to hour.  Operational and financial decision makers need […]

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Vendor Portals: Procurement to Payables

Vendor portals can be a powerful tool in enabling vendor self-service in your organization from your procument and purchasing operations to  your accounts payable department.  By leveraging the flexibility of supplier portals companies can automate non-value add processes and let vendors collaborate with your organization on-line, 24x7x365. Vendor portals support processes such as vendor on-boarding, […]

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Vendor Management Webinar

Vendor Portals: Procurement to Payables   Thursday, September 21st, 2pm ET/11am PT   Vendor self-service portals deliver significant returns for procurement, finance & AP. This webinar focuses on vendor portal tools including: vendor on-boarding & maintenance, PO/RFx dispatch & update, payment inquiry, and invoice submission (including PO flip). REGISTER and see how to reduce costs and […]

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ICG Quarterly Newsletter – 3rd QTR. 2017

Check out ICG’s 3rd quarter newsletter where you can access links to important solution information and registration to our upcoming webinar.  To subscribe to future ICG Newsletters and other important content please click the link below.  Click to view and subscribe!

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ICG Introduces New Licensing & Pricing Model

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about ICG’s exciting new pricing and license model.  First, all of our pricing will still be based on a “fixed fee” model where what we quote is what you pay… period!  What has changed is we have evolved our pricing model from module based pricing […]

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Vendor Self-Service

The activities, transactions, information sharing and collaboration required between the buying company and the vendor can be very manual and time consuming.  These tasks also reach across multiple departments such as risk management, accounts payable, legal, security, finance, procurement and many other.  Many of these tasks surround collecting and continually updating information from those vendors.  […]

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Vendor On-boarding Tools

Portal based vendor on-boarding and vendor maintenance tools can provide organizations with powerful self-service tools to help them on-board and manage vendors and suppliers.  Every aspect of on-boarding vendors from data & document collection, TIN verification, collection and validation of insurance and licenses, diversity qualification, and much more can be accomplished by implementing a portal […]

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Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking outside the box, or in this case the enterprise software box, can benefit your organization by filling those gaps that are costing your company time, money and opportunity!  The pendulum has swung from companies adopting best of breed solutions back to opting for large, enterprise solutions with lots of bells and whistles.  The reason […]

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Data Capture, Assembly, & Import

Extracting accurate data from invoices and dynamic documents in different forms and from multiple channels has always been a challenge.  But an even larger issue is feeding that data to a processing platform in a consistent format.  ICG’s data capture, assembly, and import tools provide a mechanism by which invoice records and related documents (email, […]

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Expertise in Food Industry

Financial back offices in the food and related industries are full of complexities due to their dynamic nature – pricing, costs, allowances, rebates, deductions and other information that needs to be up-to-date and accurate. With over 20 years of experience helping companies like US Foods, Ecolab, Dot Foods, Kraft, MGM Resorts and Love’s Travel Stops […]

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