Something Old, Something New

What many users are unaware of is that there are many money saving, process improving solutions available such as vendor portals, supplier portals, business process management, advanced workflows, vendor onboarding, accounts payable automation, and a variety of other technologies available in cloud hosted configurations.

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Top 4 Pain Points of Vendor/Supplier Management

Vendor and Supplier Management has become increasingly complex. Technological systems and solutions can increase efficiency and reduce some of the “pain” companies experience when trying to manage their hundreds or thousands of mission critical vendors. Check out ICG’s Vendor Management Tools. COMPLIANCE The complexity of vendor/supplier relationships increases as the vendor/supplier base grows in size. […]

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It’s Budget Season!

Time to take a fresh look at your financial back-office and see where you can add value.

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AP Automation in the Cloud

Today as cloud based applications are becoming more ubiquitous, AP automation, including many of the sophisticated technologies that were out of reach in the past, has become more affordable and available to many more companies.

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Vendor Diversity Tracking & Compliance

More and more companies are tracking their companies “diverse” vendor population and reporting on purchase percentages and total spend dollars of these diverse vendors.  For starters, it is important that we define what we mean by diversity or diverse vendors.  Diverse vendors are a designation that is given to companies where a majority of its […]

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Vendor Portals – So Many Choices

A vendor portal (or supplier portal) refers to a portal that allows vendors to access and provide the buying company with necessary information in the form of documents or data as well as access documents and data provided by the buying company related to the transactions between your two organizations.  Sounds pretty straight forward right?  […]

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Analyzing Your Spend

One of the components of vendor management program that is often either overlooked, or over killed with a system that provides lots of complex data to help you “manage” your spend, is spend analysis.   For many companies the trick to managing their spend (their colleagues buying behavior) and their vendors performance is to simply look […]

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Vendor Management – Think Strategically

For many companies vendor management is treated as just another back-office function to be administered by procurement and accounts payable.  But are those companies putting their organizations at risk by not taking a more strategic view of vendor management?  For organizations in many different industries the vendors or suppliers are at the heart of their […]

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Food Industry Webinar

This webinar will focus on tools to help streamline and automate back-office processes for manufacturers, foodservice, distribution, retail, restraunant group and other organizations in food and related industries.  Due to the nature of this business, complex processes such as distributor finance, rebated, chargebacks, deductions and other labor intense functions can be very costly and time […]

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Cloud Solutions Are Not Created Equal

Cloud based solutions are very popular and becoming more so.  Estimates are that companies will continue to drive double digit growth in adoption of cloud based solutions well into the future.  The benefits of cloud based solutions are well documented and fairly well established at this point.  What is not yet common knowledge among users […]

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