Vendor Portal Benefits

As a leading developer of comprehensive vendor management portals for B2B transactions, we see, on a daily basis, the many benefits a vendor portal, or supplier portal, can bring a business.

Scalable, adaptable, customized. Our vendor portal solutions will benefit you in many significant ways.

Benefits include:

  • Return on Investment. The biggest benefit of a vendor management portal is the ROI. In some cases, it can be immediate as automated vendor/customer inquiries are drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • Scalability. An ICG vendor management solution can scale from small to large in terms of functionality as well as transactional activity.
  • Adaptability.  Your vendor portal can adapt to both business growth and technological advances.
  • ERP Independent. An ICG vendor portal works with your ERP system, but it is not ERP dependent. It will work regardless of ERP upgrades and legacy system changes.
  • Focused on Your Needs. We develop vendor portals that adapt to your business processes, not the other way around, so you can remain in control.
  • Increased Communication. You can utilize the vendor portal to communicate with all of your vendors. Using a customer facing portal solution, you can communicate with all of your customers at once or individually.
  • Marketing. You can use the messaging feature mentioned above for marketing purposes.
  • Added Functionality made Affordable. Our custom portals are developed to fully accept additional functionality. We plan for add-ons for additional functionality as desired.
  • Complete Administration Control and Security. ICG’s vendor portals and customer portals are “invite-only” with robust, bulletproof security. You control who gets in and how much privilege they have, right down to the individual user level.
  • Better Service for Vendors and Customers. Companies that are easy to do business with are more successful. Answering vendor/customer inquiries immediately and providing sought-after information at one’s fingertips goes a long way in developing long-term relationships.
  • Dynamic Discounting. For Vendor/Supplier/Payment portals, Dynamic Discounting can be a substantial profit and/or cash-flow center.