Dynamic Discounting- It's the Suppliers!

As Dynamic Discounting continues to gain in popularity for the cash optimization benefits it delivers, knowing your suppliers is key to launching a successful program.
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Cash Optimization-AP Can Play a Role

While finance and treasury departments are arming themselves with tools and processes to help monitor and conserve cash, Accounts Payable can play a prominent role in this process.
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Dynamic Discounting "as a Service"

Dynamic Discounting has been getting a lot of traction lately as more organizations are getting creative as they look for ways to optimize their cash positions.
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Vendor On-boarding & Administration

Many vendor portals in the market today breakdown into two major categories: those that focus mainly on the procurement department and activities and people that focus on the transactional activities of the accounts payable department and related functions like vendor services.
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Follow ICG Consulting on Social Media

ICG Consulting has new and redesigned areas on social media where you can follow ICG and post your thoughts and ideas.
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