Cloud Solutions Are Not Created Equal

What is not yet common knowledge among users and buyers of cloud based solutions are the different types of cloud infrastructures and implementations which could have a big impact on the availability, performance, and security of your application and data.
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Expertise in Financial Back-office for Food Industry

Financial back offices in the food manufacturing, food distribution, food service and related industries are full of complexities due to their dynamic nature - pricing, costs, allowances, rebates, deductions and other information that needs to be up-to-date and accurate.
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Vendor Portals: Procurement to Payables

Vendor portals can be a powerful tool in enabling vendor self-service in your organization.
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Vendor Management Webinar

Vendor self-service portals deliver significant returns for procurement, finance & AP.
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ICG Introduces New Licensing & Pricing Model

We have evolved our pricing model from module based pricing to function based pricing and our licensing model from a traditional software license to a Use License model.
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