About ICG Consulting

ICG Consulting is a business process solutions provider for organizations who are looking to automate financial transactions and drive vendor self-service.  Since 1990, ICG has been a trusted partner who has helped many leading companies increase efficiency, streamline processes and boost their bottom lines by addressing both business process and technology needs in a holistic approach.

ICG combines our business process expertise, advanced technology, and systems integration capabilities to develop comprehensive financial back-office solutions which streamline vendor interactions and reduce the burden and expense on your back-office transactional activities.

Our Expertise & Services

Increase efficiency. Improve service levels. Strengthen your financial position.

ICG’s services are a product of our expertise in understanding complex business processes, transactional systems and vendor management challenges. Our primary function is to save companies money – often millions of dollars. We do this by automating and simplifying vendor communications, transactions and information flow through a variety of tools including:

The ICG Advantage

The ICG Advantage: The expertise we provide, the approach we take and the results we deliver.

If you were to hire consultants, they would typically recommend changes to your people and processes at a high level.

If you were to hire a technology firm, they would likely shoehorn in their technology, regardless of whether the solution really fit your processes or not.

But, with ICG Consulting, we offer the best of both worlds:

  • Our focus is on making your people and processes work across your entire enterprise.
  • We supplement that business acumen with technology that is both cutting-edge and proven.
  • We do not leave until the project is finished, the solution is 100% successful and all objectives are met.
  • ICG will always try to leverage as much of your existing investments in technology as possible.

What Makes ICG Unique

  • Two-pronged approach – ICG has a deep insight into the business process and can therefore accommodate the business side, as well as the technology side, of your needs. Our goal is finding a solution that benefits your company as a whole, not just fixing what’s broken in one department.
  • Adaptive – ICG can take whatever you currently have in place and adapt a better solution using your existing technology rather than having to start from scratch with a costly new system.
  • Creative – ICG team members really listen to your needs and then develop creative solutions to solve your unique problem, often suggesting a variety of options.
  • Flexible - ICG's flexible pricing and delivery models let you implement and pay for only those specific areas you wish to address.  If you want to add additional functionality as you go along you simply implement and pay as you go.

ICG Delivery Models

  • Hosted/Cloud Based – Single tenant, SaaS type model.  ICG will host and manage your specific solution in the cloud with ICG providing all of the infrastructure, support, and upgrades.
  • Hosted + On-Premise – This model allows you the benefits of keeping the solution behind your firewall without having to take on all the IT overhead that comes with it. ICG will host and manage the solutions and all related software and integrations on your servers.
  • On-Premise – Traditional, project based model where ICG’s solutions reside on customer maintained servers and infrastructure behind the customers firewall.
  • Hybrid – ICG’s customers continually challenge us to come up with creative ways to deliver our award winning solutions that do not fit easily into existing boxes. Bring us your challenges and we can create a solution delivery model that works best for you.